Thursday, December 19, 2013

Reality TV

Phil Robertson got himself in some hot water for a quote in the most recent issue of GQ magazine.  He was critical of several 'sinful' activities, but the one that specifically angered most people was his views on homosexuality.

Suddenly there are facebook campaigns for and against the Duck Dynasty show.

People, don't get so uptight about everything!  Does every actor in every show have to have values that line up exactly with yours?  Do your neighbors'?  Do your friends'?

I don't happen to agree with what Phil said.  In my humble opinion, we cannot judge one sin to be more heinous than another.  That will be up to the Lord.  But I'll probably watch the show again, when I have time.  It's still entertaining, on a very basic level.  And isn't that what reality tv is meant to be?

When did reality tv characters become our moral leaders?  Their main goal is just to shock and amuse.  Don't expect any more than that.  And don't be surprised when they say and do things that are humanly flawed.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Safely Inside

I've been thinking about the UMD student found frozen on the steps of a neighbor's house this past weekend.  I know I'm not the only parent who is disturbed and wondering how this could have happened.

When I was growing up in Northern MN we always made sure a friend made it in the door before driving away.  It was a precautionary action just as habitual as keeping a sleeping bag in your car, along with a coffee can full of survival supplies.

 I carried on with the habit with my own kids.  They sometimes chided me for doing so, but I just couldn't stop myself.

Perhaps we haven't taught our next generation to look out for each other in that way.  It's looking as though each progressive generation has a more casual acceptance of an easier lifestyle.  Previous generations could still remember a lifestyle that insisted that they look out for each other because they needed each other to survive.

We've been stuck in sub-zero temperatures here for many days.  But it doesn't seem to stop any of us from going about our business as usual.  As I drove by the house of my neighbor who lives alone yesterday, I noticed there were no fresh tire tracks on her driveway.  I stopped at the next stop sign and called her number.  She was fine, and happy to chat with me for a few minutes as I continued to drive into town.  She declined my offer to pick up any groceries for her at the store.  I just felt better knowing she was 'safely inside'.